Truths and Other Stories, 2009

"Truths and Other Stories demonstrates Thorpeā€™s excellence as a producer. She knows the rules and breaks them, taking risks that pay off time and time again. . . . Simply put, Thorpe is extremely talented." Cindy Filipenko, Herizons

Truths and Other Stories - Dinah Thorpe

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1. Milk the State Remix
2. Three Nights Running
3. Luteal
4. Tulip Tree Remix
5. We Brought the Thunder
6. Working Title
7. Carsick
8. Someone's in the Kitchen
9. Come and Make Me
10. 38

Other Stories
1. Election Song
2. Milk the State
3. Strap Me In
4. If the Anatomist
5. Bike Lane Blues
6. Midi
7. Three Nights Walking
8. Tulip Tree
9. Lullaby
10. Timber

Election Song

We Brought the Thunder

Strap Me In


Tulip Tree

Three Nights Running
album artwork by Mike Parsons